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  • Lawrence Mack

The Growing Importance of Resumes in the Modern Era

A man looking over a resume

The advantage of working with so many different employers is being able to observe common trends and practices. Seeing how one company hires is certainly different than seeing how one hundred companies hire.

One thing we've noticed is that resumes are being requested for industries that traditionally have not required them. Maybe people in labor and construction trades don't have resumes because they never needed them. They've always met with employers directly, said what they could do, and got right to work.

This is becoming harder to accomplish. While we do still have some clients that will take an employee on our recommendation, even that is sometimes not enough. Rather than rely on our screening of the candidate, they request we send over a resume before they decide whether or not they even want to meet with the employee. The importance of having a resume to present cannot be overstated.

The unfortunate consequence of this is many good workers who are unprepared. They don't have resumes. They've never made one before and don't know where to begin. It's new territory and they now find themselves limited in their ability to meet face-to-face with a prospective employer.

As a staffing agency, Custom Personnel finds itself in the unique position to assist people in the situation. We meet with you and learn about your experience, skills, and knowledge. Our staff can craft a professional resume that we can then use to promote you to our clients.

As with all of our services, this is 100% free for the jobseeker.

Maybe you're a carpenter with a wealth of experience or have been doing landscaping for the past ten years. Regardless of your background, if you find yourself losing out on opportunities due to a lack of a proper resume, we strongly urge you to come to our office. Our friendly staff can work with you to create a resume that will highlight your strengths and sell our clients on your expertise.

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